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No need to visit, I make house calls.


Upstate NY / Remote
New York City / Northwest NJ


M-F: 10 AM - 5 PM
Sat: Noon - 5 PM
Sun: Closed
Other times by appointment only
Call or E-mail a day in advance

Choosing Me as Freelancer

While I do make business and house calls, I prefer to visit at a coffee shop or other public place for the initial meeting for projects, etc.

For in-home tech service, a call will suffice, since usually those are situations where I need to see how the computer, network, environment is all set up.

There may be instances were I will need to work on a piece of equipment at my location, because of the tools, and time needed. Taking apart and replacing something in a laptop can take hours!

Some things such as graphic design, or website design can all be done online and via e-mail, but I do like to meet once in a while, especially if images or documents need to be scanned in.